Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pass my theory test?

No you do not need to have passed your Theory test to book an intense course.  Our courses are designed for beginners or for people that just need a little refresh.

Do I have to complete the course in a week?

No you can spread the course over weekly lessons if you wish to.

Can I really pass in a week?

Yes you can, Although the week intense course may not be for everyone as it can be very hard.

Can I pay in instalments? 

Yes, We offer different payment plans to help you manage the cost.  We only ask that your account is always in credit for each lesson.

Can I have 1 hour lessons each week?

Unfortunately we do only offer bulk courses. The minimum lesson requirement is one two hour lesson each week.

What will happen if a Fail my practical test?

We unfortunately cannot guarantee a first time pass as anything can happen on the day of your test. However as the course is intense you do learn everything in a quicker time frame this means the chance of passing is higher. If you do unfortunately fail, our team will work hard to get you a new test as soon as we can, we will also arrange with your instructor how many extra hours they feel you will need and we will create you a smaller personalised course.

When do i have to pay the remaining balance?

We only ask for the £150 deposit to be paid at first. Once your first lesson is confirmed with an instructor and your practical test is booked and you are happy with all the dates the remaining balance will then be due.

What if i am not test ready?

If you and the instructor feel your not ready to take your test we will ask the instructor if they can fit the extra hours required in before your test date. Alternatively we will move your test back to the next available date. If you feel this date is to far we will ad youto the cancellation list and find you a sooner date that you and your instructor feel is a more realistic date.

What if i need to cancel a lesson?

You have a 48 hours cancellation window for each lesson. If you cancel within the 48 hours you will not be charged for that lesson. however if you cancel outside the 48 hours it is the instructor’s discretion if they choose to charge you or not.