Become a Driving Instructor

If any of the below applies to you, Contact us via email, phone or text.

  • Fed up with the daily 9-5
  • Frustrated that you have no flexibility
  • Unhappy with your hourly rate
  • No current job satisfaction
  • Not appreciated by your manager


Look what your career could look like.

  • Choose your own hours
  • Flexible hours means a better work/life balance
  • Earn up to £35 per hour on qualification
  • Help other achieve their goals
  • Be your own boss

By becoming a driving instructor you could help contribute towards making our roads a safer place.






Can I work for another Company? Yes you can work for as many as you like.

If A pupil cancels at short notice will I still be paid? Yes if the pupil cancels with out significant notice the pupil is still charged.

Do you offer help with standard checks? Yes we can offer you assistance with your standards check, you will need to discuss your requirements with us.

Do I have to supply my car for the driving test? This is solely down to the instructors discretion.